Open For Sale - Apartments

  1. 3-Room Walk-Up Apartments 1010-1030 Sq. Ft. (4 Floors)
  2. Price are fixed and ranges from RM175,000 to RM195,000. Higher the floor, lower the price.
  3. Freehold, Stratified, Refurbished, and Ready for Occupation.
  4. Site: Taman Koperasi CUEPACS Kajang; Batu 12 Jalan Cheras, Mukim Cheras, Daerah Hulu Langat, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
  5. Built in 02/07/1998; CF obtained 12/02/1998. Unsold.

We have opened the sale again after a long wait and offer the opportunity for the purchase of these earlier built medium cost walk-up apartments.

The member can purchase even if had bought a Koperasi home earlier.

The member can purchase through their Government Housing Loan, Bank Loan or Cash.

This is a direct sale and not to third parties. Those who confirm interested to purchase can view and purchase. A date would be fixed for viewing once Koperasi is notified. Kindly fax for confirmation to Fax No 03-40429475.

If by 28th March 2019, 5.00pm there are no takers, the apartments will go for open sale on first-come-first-serve basis.

For more details, download here.

KCB News 2017-1

AGMD 2017

Koperasi AGDM 2017 held on 24 May 2017 at Grand Pacific, Jalan Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Delegates representing 9 Kawasans and incumbent board members, elected new board members, approved Annual Reports and Audited Accounts for 2016. Amongst others, a resolution on the Statutory Funds seeking changes to the laws governing Cooperatives was approved.

AGMD 2017
Figure 1: 39th AGDM Koperasi CUEPACS

 Koperasi's 40th AGDM is due in June 2018. The Kawasan Meetings are scheduled to take place from February 2018.

Cuepacs Apartment MCs / JMBs

Koperasi built apartments in Taman Koperasi CUEPACS Kajang are situated in 18 development centres and as such they compose 7 Joint Management Bodies (JMBs) and 10 Management Corporations (MCs). For the year 2017, 2 JMBs and 7 MCs were handed over to a Management Company to take over its maintenance. The contract is due to end in December 2017 and they are yet to hold their Annual General Meetings (AGM). The Commissioner of Buildings has fixed dates for their completion but this is yet to be resolved.

One MC however, has successfully held its AGM and has its own Management Committee and have been functioning effectively.

Cuepacs Apartment MC Committee
Figure 2: CUEPACS Apartment MC (Grant 62169) Meeting

 As the developer of the apartments, Koperasi still is at hand to extend assistance to any committees seeking it to ensure they continue to function without hick-ups.

Koperasi Sports Club

The Sports club wing of Koperasi CUEPACS is a separate entity that carries out sporting activities for club members and its activities are open to all Koperasi members. This year's Bowling Competition was held at Pacific Bowling at Kompleks Mutiara, 3 1/2 Mile, Ipoh Road 20th May 2017. Koperasi Board also put up a team. Very attractive prizes and gifts were handed out to winners and participants.

Koop Sports Club
Figure 3: Bowling Competition in progress

Koperasi Board and Staff Get-Together

Koperasi Board and Staff get together
Figure 4: Staff & Board members at dinner

 It is a tradition of the Board to organise dinner parties at the end of seminars and workshops that require board members and staff to stay-in. Staff are provided with accommodation and are free to bring their family members along. Such events also provide the opportunity for the Board members and staff to mingle freely and enhance the cooperative spirit.

The above was held at Pusat Latihan LIIM, Bagan Lalang, Sungeri Pelek, Sepang.

Koperasi Subsidiary TUCUM Company

Koperasi subsidiary TUCUM company shareholders
Figure 5: TUCUM limited shareholder photoshoot

 Shareholders after their 2017 annual meeting are all smiles after dividends were declared for the second year running of TUCUM as it had started making profits.

Taman Cuepacs Segambut Freehold Rally for Freehold Land Claim

It was a historical moment for the house owners who had toiled and sweated for 30 years trying to convince the Federal Land Office that their least hold titles were a misnomer and they were entitled to freehold replacement. They left no stones unturned and reached a boiling point. Koperasi CUEPACS, as the developer, worked hand-in-hand with the owners to accomplish the freehold goal. The history was that the development became a victim of a city policy to recover land through imposed conditions for development approvals. The lease hold condition was relented to by developers as Hobson's choice, 'surrender freehold for leasehold to get development approval'.

The meeting organised by Koperasi on 29th March 2015 got the majority to agree to seek legal redress as a do or die action. In September 2016, the court decision came in favour of the owners. 74 cases have been filed so far. 60 owners have already obtained their freehold titles and the rest are under process.

Tmn Cuepacs Segambut freehold rally for freehold land claim meet
Figure 6: Gathering at Taman Koperasi CUEPACS Community Hall that resolved for legal recourse


TUCUM supported by the sports club and Koperasi Board organises tours as an activity for Koperasi members. TUCUM has successfully organised Tours to Cambodia, Bali and Sri Lanka.

tucum tours 1
Figure 7: Boat rides for adventure and view fishing boats in action on the way
tucum tours 2
Figure 8: Many other joyous items: tour of hills, valleys, temples, churches and mosques and of course submitting to compelling requests shopping was included for Sri Lankan picks.
tucum tours 3
Figure 9: Bali Mount Batur volcano 30km from Mount Agung volcano that erupted recently. A section of the tour group enjoying the simmering smoke behind
tucum tours 4
Figure 10: Cruise dinner as special event of the tour

Look out for Vietnam Tour 2018

The next tour package is a Vietnam tour. It is a double benefit activity. It provides opportunity for Koperasi members to make affordable and joyous tours and at the same time, strengthens solidarity among members.

Apartments for rentals

Walk-up 3-room apartments are available for rental at Taman Koperasi CUEPACS Kajang. Contact Puan Aswati at Koperasi Office 03 – 40429476.

New apartment to be built

New site for development of limited double storey houses have been identified off Rasah Road in Seremban. Public sector workers and retirees can contact the office if they have any interest in the property to be developed.

Koperasi Loan Schemes

Koperasi has personal loan facilities for members of Koperasi. The interests charged are between 4 – 7 % depending on the loan preference applied for. Payments are immediate if all documents are completed. Members are encouraged to take the friendly loans available to them.

Insurance Schemes by Koperasi CUEPACS

Skim Etiqa Takaful (Health & Savings Insurance Scheme)

Koperasi offers public sector workers an excellent, low premium and easy to participate Health and Savings Insurance Scheme worked out with Takaful Nasional now known as Etiqa Takaful. The scheme has a well-balanced savings and protection plan including coverage for 36 critical illness, death and disability.  While one saves, one is protected fully. Koperasi CUEPACS had embarked on this scheme to provide a continued life-long service to public sector workers.

Public Services members are welcomed to actively participate in this scheme.

Skim Insurans Simpanan Haji & Umrah 

Newly launched, the scheme to provide care and service for our new and young members. Forms and brochures would be posted as well as made available to potential subscribers soon.