The Koperasi operates 6 types of loans as follows:

  1. Credit Loan: Up to 80% members credit with the Koperasi
  2. Surety Loan: Up to a maximum of RM5, 000.00
  3. Guaranteed Loan: 4 times value of deposit or 6 times monthly salary
  4. Savings & Loans Scheme: Up to a maximum of RM10,000.00
  5. Emergency Loan: Small loan for immediate use
  6. Pilgrimage Loan: Awaiting ratification

All the loans have a standard interest rate of 5.5 % except 6% for the savings and loan scheme which loan maximum is RM10,000.00.

The Koperasi provides affordable loans to members but encourages them to only take loans when it is absolutely necessary. Overlapping loans are permissible. Amendments to Regulations has also been proposed to enable members who have retired from service to take loans.

The interest rates on savings and subscriptions on loan account, is same as the interest rate of 12-month fixed deposit placed with Maybank on the 1st working day of the year which was approved by the 34th AGDM. Those having sufficient funds under this scheme when taking loans would only be charged a similar interest rate.

The schemes are periodically reviewed under the KCB 5-Year Plan.

The Board has proposed a new scheme named “Pilgrimage Loan” scheme. The maximum amount of loan per application is RM20,000.00 with 4% interest. The tenure of the loan is 36, 48 or 60 months. Other terms and conditions for the loan are as stated on the regulations. To be ratified once approved by the Koperasi AGDM.


The death benefit is paid on top of subscriptions shares held by the deceased member in the Koperasi. The benefit ranges from RM200.00 to RM1,550.00 depending on the amount held by the member at the time of death. The cut off is at RM10,000.00. There are members who only keep to the lowest limit of RM500.00 to just qualify to be a member of the society but they still qualify for the minimum of RM200.00. The scheme on the other hand serves as a small encouragement for all Koperasi members to keep a reasonable amount of subscription shares with the Koperasi.