Koperasi CUEPACS was formed in 1971 at a meeting called by CUEPACS to implement a resolution to form a Koperasi passed by the delegates attending the 11th CUEPACS Congress Convention held in 1970. The Koperasi was tasked with four objectives:

  • Carry out house ownership projects
  • Provide loans and savings schemes
  • Take up commercial and small enterprises
  • Facilitate investment opportunities

 Koperasi Cuepacs Housing Project 1Koperasi Cuepacs Housing Project 2

Koperasi CUEPACS immediately launched housing projects, loan facilities, land purchase programme and savings schemes.

Koperasi Cuepacs Housing Project 3Koperasi Cuepacs Housing Project 4

At the founding of the Koperasi in 1971, 120 union leaders and activists attended and launched the Koperasi. Since them more than 33,000 public sector workers have joined the Koperasi and benefited from the various projects and schemes undertaken by the Koperasi.

In housing alone, Koperasi provided more than 4,000 homes. Projects were launched in Taman Koperasi Cuepacs Cheras 7th mile, Taman Koperasi Cuepacs Segambut, Taman Koperasi Cuepacs 12th mile Cheras, Taman Koperasi CUEPACS Labu, a joint venture scheme Taman Jaya Mas Seremban and made investments in Syarikat Perniagaan CUEPACS to build Apartments CUEPACS in Brickfields. Currently it has also invested in a housing project in Tampin to secure sufficient houses based on demand from public sector workers living there.

Koperasi CUEPACS is now housed in a 6-storey building in Sentul Boulevard.

Administrative structure of the Koperasi is as follows:

Area meetings of all members - Once in 2 yearsWisma Koop Cuepacs

Delegates Meeting - Once a year

Board meeting – Once a month

Management Committee – In-between Board meetings

Management Team (Chairman. Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer)

Koperasi Cuepacs is managed by the 15-member Board assisted by the management committee. A management team of principal officials coordinate the work of the Koperasi. Main officials and staff undertake daily operations.



Koperasi works with objectives drawn on for 5-year periods. Current objectives highlights are as follows:

  1. Achieve the maximum dividend rate for Koperasi CUEPACS members.
  2. Rewarding insurance services.
  3. Social support and income generating real estate services.
  4. Investing in housing develoment.
  5. Benefits to attract membership loyalty.
  6. Loan Participation for members.
  7. Q-Farm - improve production and maximize space usage.
  8. TUCUM Sdn Bhd - initially formed by MTUC and CUM. Taken over by Koperasi in 1985 to create business opportunities.
  9. KCB Challenges - membership and leadership.