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The membership of the Koperasi CUEPACS is open to all: -

  1. Employees of Government, Statutory Bodies, Government Licensed Companies and retired employees of Government.
  2. Nominee or legal representative of a deceased member subject to By-law 55(2).

In recognition of the importance of creating awareness of the Koperasi, during the outgoing year, the Koperasi has disseminated its services to more than 2,000 public servants. Most of them are members of other co-operatives and are participating selectively in Koperasi’s programmes.

Koperasi’s research and responses at meetings show there is interest and support for housing projects and it would be contributed for continued growth of the Koperasi. Koperasi had started with housing as its prime objective. It added in thrift and loan facilities with a safe plan; but the market was and is full of competitors while genuine takers for loans available were far and few. Reviews were done periodically on membership needs, and one identified was to make improvement on Koperasi’s loan facilities. In any case, housing remains the primary objective of the Koperasi. The Koperasi’s 5-Year Plan includes building of mix housing projects.

Payments: RM10.00 for acceptance and registration. Monthly subscription RM30.00.

RM100.00 from the amounts paid would be distributed as share capital and the rest accumulated as share subscriptions.

Download Membership Form .